CREARE has the mission to advance research and education in cultural economics. The aim is to gain a better understanding of the challenges that we encounter in the interface between culture, the arts and the economy and to enable practitioners in the cultural field and students to acquire knowledge of new insights that research generates.

CREARE wants to meet the increasing need for knowledge about and understanding of the economics of the cultural sector and the relevance of the cultural sector for the economy. CREARE wants to contribute to the ongoing conversations on the relationship between economy, the arts and culture in various disciplines.

In its courses CREARE will present a broad cultural economic perspective and will show how this perspective is important for all kinds of issues and a great variety of topics, including the creative industries, the future of museums, the workings of the art market, the values of cultural heritage, cultural policies, tax incentives, mecenat, sponsorship, craft and craftsmanship, the particularities of cultural organizations, cultural entrepreneurship, creative cities, creative processes, the labor market for artists, the economics of design, and the economics of architecture. CREARE promotes research in all these topics.

CREARE works in partnership with various educational and research institutes as well as cultural organization to organize courses in countries all over the world.

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