Collaborative Programs

Next to our Summer School courses that take place in the Netherlands, we run collaborative programs with various partners all over the world. Our partnerships started after some participants to the previous editions of the summer school brought the initiatives to their own countries adapting the content to the local context. 

In 2011 we run a course Value of Culture together with Bayimba Cultural Foundation in Jinja, Uganda. The course aimed at developing participants’ understanding of economics as it applies to the world of art and culture, with a special focus on Africa.

In February 2012, together with ABADIR Fine Arts Academy, we run a workshop, Art Market Today, in Catania (Italy). Focusing on the Italian case, the course aimed at stimulating an understanding of the art market that could be useful for the various stakeholders involved (artists, galleries, collectors, public decision makers). 

From December 15 to 19, 2012, CREARE, in collaboration with the Mohile Parikh Center, organised a short course on Value of Culture in Mumbai, India. The program raised critical questions about the concepts of culture, economic and cultural values, and their realization in the context of art and culture, with special attention on how creative economy operates in India.


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