With its activities CREARE aims to:

  • Develop research that can support decision-making in the cultural sector
  • Prepare students for career in the cultural sector
  • Stimulate students and professionals who intend to continue their research in the field
  • Advance the conversation about cultural economics among those who are involved in the field for their research or their activities. 

The Summer School is the core activity of the Centre for Research in Arts and Economics – CREARE. Next to the education programs research and consultancy are the other two main activities of CREARE.

Research and consultancy

In its research activities CREARE draws upon the expertise of its members and other researchers in the field, in case of joint research projects. The starting point is always cultural economics but then, in their researches CREARE members are often taking an interdisciplinary approach including theories from other disciplines  - sociology, psychology, art history, cultural management. The aim is to deepen and improve the understanding of various topics within cultural economics actively contributing to the theory and practice by sharing this knowledge with participants to CREARE courses as well as with colleagues and professionals at conferences and workshops.

CREARE promotes research and provides consultancy on:

  • Cultural entrepreneurship
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Cultural industries
  • Cultural heritage and museums
  • Art world and art markets
  • Performing arts
  • Cultural policies
  • Art Marketing
  • Financing of the arts and culture
  • Cultural management and marketing
  • Culture and development.


2013 - current

  • Research Project “Rotterdam Cultural Icons” In collaboration with Erasmus University and International Film Festival, Rotterdam. The project aims to evaluate the economic, social and cultural potential of a cultural platform.
  • Project “Valle Bormida – un’attività di pensiero” The project aims to assess the impact of a project in Northern Italy (Val Bormida) using culture to boost the development of an area.
  • Project “Crowdfunding platform in India” In collaboration with the Mohile Parikh Centre, Mumbai (India). The project aims to build up an alternative way to finance arts and culture in India.
  • Project “S-Nodi” The project aims at identifying and supporting projects that can be replicated to boost social and economic development. CREARE is responsible for the evaluation of the projects.
  • Project “Discovered” CREARE is contributing to the project, which aims to build an Internet platform where craftsmen from developing countries can offer their productions to the rest of the world. CREARE has a role to forge partnerships with government & NOG's in India


  • Research Project “Drivers of innovation in cultural industry” In collaboration with Thüringen Agency for Creative Industry and researchers from Erasmus University. The projects aimed at preparing a critical review of academic literature and research on factors of innovation in the cultural industry and spill-over of the cultural industry to the rest of the economy.
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